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These are most widely used hand tools in the houses. It is available in various sizes and sizes according to tailored needs of the customers. They are basically used for putting the nails inside the wall to hang out the photos, sceneries as a part of interior decoration of the house.


They are also used to take out the unwanted nails from the walls and straighten them for reuse if needed. Ball Pein Hammers are also used to push the things just by keeping wood on the things you are intending to push and tapping with the Ball Pein hammers. Wood is placed on the things to prevent the actual piece form getting daunted by the hammer and damaged when it is trying to push the things in.

Manufacturers and suppliers who design the hand tools do consider the user’s safety. However, there have been instances where a tool does not work the way it should thus leading to serious mishaps. Hence, it is always important that users take the appropriate measures while working with hand tools thus avoiding any mishaps caused by hand tools.


Safety Direct’s complete online shop brings for you a variety of ultimate quality Ball Pein Hammers Power Tools and Machines. When you protection is at hazard, we assure you complete safety and sustainability Safety Direct has engraved a niche as a brand name in the domain of personal protection accessories at workplaces and other required areas.

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